We are 3D; the Digital Divide Destroyers. Our current members are Evan, Ravi, and Alvin. Our topic is the digital divide. This topic is relatively obscure and we are here to make sure you know about it.

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As of 2006, over 55% of developed countries have access to the internet? While that may sound little, compared to this, it's an astronomical figure. In developing countries, only 10.2% of the population have access to the internet. Compared to the world on average, which is about 17.4%, the digital divide is huge. And since 1994, the gap has grown dramatically. Still not convinced? In Africa, less than 5 out of 100 people use the internet. That's a minuscule figure when you look at the rate of 1 out of 2 people in countries like USA, Canada, and France.

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The reason why the digital divide is such a huge issue is because it is a factor in many of the world's problems today. In the education field, people can learn much more by using the internet than they could before. In rural areas, people are deprived of access and they miss out on vitally important useful knowledge, which could improve their lives drastically. The digital divide is so troublesome is that digital and information technologies can be a useful tool to lift people out of poverty. By learning things off of the internet and learning skills required in the technological field, people can have an opportunity to get a good job that pays well and rockets them out of poverty. This is the case in India, Peru, Nicaragua and even parts of China.The other advantage of the internet is that it brings markets closer together, this is already happening with the inuit people in canada who are selling their art all over the world.With the internet we can be a stronger, more educated and connected economy.

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