Welcome to Wanted: Peace.

We are Jonathan, Chris, Richard, and Micky.

WantedPeace_logo.jpg " I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask, 'Mother, what was war?' "

~ Eve Mariam (from http://www.quotegarden.com/)

This is the world that we are looking for. The world full of peace, and delightful voices of people around the world, not worrying or even thinking about wars and conflicts.

Unfortunately, the current situation is not even close to this. Bombings, terrors, assasinating, massive killings, genocide... they are rampaging these days. More and more people are getting hopeless. Especially wars and terrors are specified in the Middle East regions-most of people living there are panic, they are just waiting for the day they die.

We, as the same human beings, as people in a little bit better condition, as people who know how terrible wars are, as people who know everyone wants peace, as people who don't want their siblings to die, have to help them.

You can check our website to look for more information about what's going on and how, why, and what you have to help people to prevent conflicts and get rid of the panic of wars.

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we don't want very much.

We want people educated, and be able to apply the knowledge they got by our education.

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