We are EEE, Equal Education for Everyone!

Hello, this is a non-profit organization created by Dexter, Zach, Kristian and DongHyun. Our aim is to successfully raise awareness about the realities of Education in Shanghai. We want to eliminate gender discrimination in schools beginning with Shanghai. Fortunately, the Chinese government supports the equalization of education for both genders. However, we need to gain the support of your helps and attention to improve much better than the present.

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UNESCO, United Nations Educational, Scientific Cultural Organization is working for training teacher in order to teach more children than they are now. The teachers were not so well educated, they could not teach a lot of students, however since UNESCO has been helping the teachers, they were able to teach more uneducated students.
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UNICEF, The United Nations Children's Fund is also another organization that teaches teachers, and offer poor children to go to school.

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This video is mainly introduces about the education in Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world. by powerofoneor

This video is showing the consequence of lacking education - POVERTY. by braithwaite44

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