Building Your Group's Wiki under Your Own Account Name

All instructions for building your group's wiki are here.
Make sure that your group's wiki has the following information (this should not appear on your page in this grade 8 wiki site).

Specific pages

  • Welcome (containing the name of your group, your logo, your aim and your message)
  • Goals
  • Action Plan
  • Relevant organizations (include a link to their websites and a brief summary of what they do - 100 words)
  • Background information to the issue. Create separate pages for all of this to separate what you have found. Divide pages among your group members. Use the information from the answers to the packet questions.
  • What has been done about this issue

Design and presentation

Use this class wiki as a model for ideas and style of organization.

  • Decide where you will link relevant youtubes, slideshares and images. Each one must be properly introduced/integrated within whatever you are trying to say.
  • Design each page for ease of reading - use titles appropriately
  • If you 'bold' certain words to make them stand out, don't do it too often or it will all run together and defeat the purpose.
  • Your wiki has to be eye-catching, easy to read and understand and fulfil your goal of raising awareness

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