Creating Acknowledgments

Why do we need acknowledgments?
You're absolutely right! We can't take other people's words and pass them off as our own!

You don't need other people's words to have an opinion. I know you have opinions of your own. I hear them every day. So, every piece of writing we do must have our voice all the way through it. How do you find your voice? Well, first identify the focus of the piece. What is your focus? Now, make up your mind - what is your opinion on that focus? Begin your writing plan from that angle.

The next step when planning your writing, is to support your opinion. At that point, you may use information from other people, such as quotes, or statistics or even images. When you use it, you must do 2 things:
  1. At the point in the paragraph when you've used it, insert a citation that identifies the source
  2. At the end of the paragraph or essay, you create a list of sources (called 'References' or 'Bibliography') where you list every source that helped you write the piece.
These are 2 separate requirements


And in a wiki we have to LINK each citation
You know why I say we have to do it. But have you really thought about it?
Have a look at this powerful Youtube below about digital media and what this means for us today.

Professor Michael Wesch, Kansas State University


Using evidence in-text (within a piece of writing)

You must use at least 2 pieces of specific evidence that are relevant to your thesis statement. Specific means directly relevant and providing a direct support.
For example:
Many children in our world today are being exploited by adults. This is abuse. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), “390 million child-workers worldwide are involved in activities that are either hazardous, excessive or where their employers exploit them.” (Plan International). This is an outrageous number at any time but particularly so here in the 21st century. It shows what a serious problem we have right now.
As you can see in that little example, I not only used a piece of evidence, I explained it and also showed you where I got it from (known as citing my sources!)

How to cite your sources within the text

Make sure you remember to cite your sources in any writing you do. When you get a statistic or quote, use the attached resource log to fill in the information about your source.

Make sure to cite your source in your sentence.

For example:
"As many as one million Iraqis have fled to Jordan since 2003, part of what the UN High Commissioner for Refugees calls "the biggest displacement crisis in the Middle East" in nearly 60 years" (Portella).
In the sentence you need either the author's name OR if THERE IS NO AUTHOR put the name of the article.

Citing sources at the end of the piece of writing

THEN at the end of the paragraph write your bibliography or sources like this:

Portella, Joy. "Helping Iraqi Refugees." <>

List all sources alphabetically by author. If there's no author, use the article title.
  • all images must be cited
  • all quotes must be cited

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