Get rid of Ads

Would you like to get rid of the advertisements on your wikis?
Wikispaces generously offers anyone using wikispaces for K-12 education to upgrade to the plus option for free

  • Go to 'Manage Space'
  • Under 'Space Settings', click on 'Subscription'
  • At the bottom of that page are instructions for requesting a complimentary upgrade.

Then you just wait to see if they'll accept you!!

Want A Voki?

This is easy and fun to do
Go to
  • Register for an account
  • Build a voki personality

When you're ready to link it to your wiki, follow the instructions below
  1. From the voki site, when you're choosing what code to embed, select 'wordpress'
  2. To embed the code on the wiki site, click on the tv screen icon, and choose 'audio' from the options
  3. Copy the code
  4. In audio, select 'other'
  5. Then paste your code in the available box
You won't see it until you save your page, but it should come up then.

Want a Table of Contents on each page?

Click on the word file below

Back to top link

The above site has some interesting ideas if you want to play. I've copied a useful one - see below:

"laziness is the great motivator. instead of having to scroll all the way back up to the top of a long page, why not just utilize a back to topbottom of this page.

Just type "back to top", place it between two dividers so it looks all fancy-like, and link to the page you're already on. when the link is clicked the page will reload, magically transporting you back to the top.
" (From: Wiscwiki)

Want a ClustrMap?

Go to
Click on the 'Get one' tab in the yellow navigation bar on that page and follow instructions. When you have to choose the code to embed, pick the smallest code - nothing else seems to embed. Keeping it small is best anyway, since you don't want it to overwhelm the page!!
Once it's on your page, anyone can click right on the map to bring up an enlarged version that will show you exactly how many hits your site has had.

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