You and the class wiki

Setting up your page on the class wiki

Remember, this is our classes' wiki. You introduce your group's wiki here and create a link to your own wiki. Use titles, graphics, voice and relevant information to encourage viewers to click on that link to your wiki. Remember - this is another opportunity to hook people who haven't accessed your wiki yet to go there and see what you have to say. (see specific instructions below).

First, you need to go to your issue listed under your class.
  • Click on that page.

  • Then click on 'Edit This Page' and link your own wiki here. (To link it simply type in the url or a more eyecatching word at the point in your introduction where you are introducing your wiki. Then highlight it and use the link tab to link your group's wiki to our Grade 8 wiki. This is so I can monitor it with you.

  • When editing this page - just delete the headings that are already there or suggestions I've put in if they don't suit you. This is your page. Take control of it.

Contents of your group's page on the class wiki

On your group's page in our class wiki, please add a little introduction before you describe and link your group's wiki.
  1. Introduce your group
  2. Go back to your handout called 'Thinking Action'. When you narrowed down your issue before you created your plan of action, you answered the question: What aspect of your issue will you choose to focus on? Please use your answer as the welcome to this page.
  3. Add your persuasive paragraph (Do this next class when you get them back), remembering to create a heading using the original question that you answered. You may add anything else you like.

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