How you will be graded

You will receive a group grade and an individual grade for the wiki.

  • Remember, the group grade will be part of the 10% that makes up the 'Approaches to Learning' section of our course.
  • For the individual grade, you will receive a percentage score for the Skills criterion, and the Organization and Presentation criterion.


We have gone over the checklists below in class. Look at each requirement carefully. Make sure each one IS DONE.

Group Page on the class wiki

The checklist for grading is in the table below:

Not done
Page clearly outlines your group’s identity and purpose.

Presentation is attractive and makes reader want to know more

Wiki and/or blog are linked clearly. The way they are introduced make the viewer interested in following the link.

Links work

The Group wiki

  • The wiki was set up by a member of your group, just as the power point was set up by another member. However, this does not mean that the original organizer has to do everything.
  • Make sure everyone has a equal opportunity to post work on the wiki. Divide tasks fairly.
  • This means that the 'Background Information' section should have been evenly divided.
  • You may check topics with me

The checklist for grading is in the document below:

Your Individual grade

  • You are expected to write at least TWO structured pieces (a mini essay), either expository or persuasive.
  • These pieces will likely appear under 'Background Information' but if you feel they belong under a different heading because they have a different purpose, then that is up to you.
  • If you write more than is expected, you will receive extra credit
  • Clearly identify your writing pieces with your name

The checklist for grading is in the document below:

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