All power points must be linked to your wiki.
  • On your wiki, make a page called 'Our workshop"
  • Write a brief introduction about the aims of your workshop
  • Be proud of it, provide clear voice and passion about your aims!
  • Link your power point underneath the introduction in the form of a slide share (just follow the instructions below)

Putting your power point on your wiki

You could just link the powerpoint file to your wiki but that's a little dull.
Instead, go to
  • Create an account (If you have a common username, just use it - unless it's your full name, and use your SAS password. That cuts down on the number of usernames and passwords that you have to remember)
  • Once you have an account, follow the instructions to upload your power point file.
  • Once it's uploaded, you'll see that it provides code for you to embed the slideshare
  • copy that code

Now go to the 'Our workshop' page on your wiki
  • To link the slideshare, just click on the tv icon in the text editor toolbar
  • choose 'slideshow'
  • then click on 'slideshare'
  • paste in the code and save it

Your slideshare should appear on your wiki once it's been saved